So you graduated college…

…and now you’re unemployed. Living off your savings and the goodwill of others. You’re looking for work, but the process is draining. During the day the house seems large and empty in the absence of  others. The days drag as you fight boredom and anxiety, and yet you wake up Friday and realize : “Shit. The whole week’s passed and I have nothing to show for it! HOW IS THIS HAPPENING???” And maybe experience some more internal screaming.

The voice of doubt will whisper in your ear. But it doesn’t stop when you get a job, or move in, or meet that nice young man who seems so promising. There is another voice, the one that recognizes that each moment of our lives offers an opportunity. Because you’re not lugging to class each day you have the time to do things you’ve forget all about! You take long walks. You cook scrumptious meals. You call your friends and talk for hours. You practice yoga, learn a new language, read that books you always intended to but never had the time. You savor every social interaction. This, my friends, is the silver lining of having no idea what the fuck you’re doing now that you’ve graduated!

Let’s share these experiences on this blog. Share recipes, work outs, books, tv shows, random thoughts, and anything else! We are the unemployed millennials that the media loves to worry about! Let’s get creative. And also let’s use this to stay in touch.

So long, fellow housewives!

You’re glorious leader,